Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New store opening soon!

We leased a building and are opening soon. While the shelving is not in yet, we are taking registration  starting Monday, for summer camps . This is not the complete list of classes, just the list of camp classes. Each class will have multiple projects every day. For instance, our henna camp will start out with a watercolor henna design painting, for students to learn about the patterns and routes of henna design. The next day they will practice their techniques while using the designs decorating gourds. The next day we will work on space and composition while painting (?TBA). The fourth day they will use craft henna (henna paste without essential oils) to stain wood boxes with their designs. On the last day they will practice henna on each other. There will be mini lessons throughout, and hints about the tricks I have learned. Each of our camps will build up the students skills, until the student has the opportunity to show what they have learned in a final project. Each camp has limited space. So let me know if you see one you want. We will be adding a regular class schedule later on in the month. Make sure to check back often because we have teachers coming to teach all kinds of fun things! From Polly teaching sewing, crafter Karen Ledbetter traveling from Idaho to teach doll making in our doll camp, to several local jewelry makers and illustrators each teaching their own classes it is going to be a full summer of arts and crafts.

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