Class list and Calendar

Classes happen most days of the week. Because Dragon Art Company is run by a full time teacher, most events are in the evening or on the weekend.

 Doll Making Club:
                During this club we dabble in the art of making dolls. Cost is $15. an evening and pays for working space, use of our expanding doll library, and the sharing of ideas.(Cost is $10 a session if five sessions are paid for in advance.) We make homemade paper clay, tools, and materials that participants can make and use or we have other clays available for purchase. (Paper clay makes one of the hardest dolls we have seen.) We have many patterns and ideas. Most materials are included but if you need other parts, we often purchase things together to keep the costs minimal. Getting started is just the cost of the session.

Weaving Club:
          This is primarily a inkle loom weaving club, but we are open to anything you want to weave. We have inkle looms that can be used during the club meetings, or we sell custom looms. Thanks to a generous donations we now have a huge selection of threads for this class that are included. If you want special threads or we run out you will need to purchase your own. I usually use a croquet thread size 10, but I love to blend sizes and texture. (Do not choose a yarn, it will make you miserable with this loom.) Cost is $10.
Doll House Club
 Do you want to make a nice house? or maybe a haunted zombie house? The first meeting will be to build the house (or houses), and then each week we will work on something that goes in it. The first time you meet will be to make your house and that will cost $50. It is pine.  The weekly craft meetings after that will be 2 hours long and cost $10. That fee will usually include the materials. (there will be a few exceptions during the year, that may cost more or last longer-but you will get advance notice.(For instance when we make the doll families).


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